Charles & Michelle + Spring Wedding

These two must of had their good luck penny working cause everything in the forecast pointed to rain but about two hours before their ceremony it became sunny and beautiful. And then, as soon as their reception started under the tent, it started raining. The timing couldn't have been better! My husband and I actually have a lot of similarities with them. She speaks Spanish, I'm learning espanol. He speaks French, my husband is learning French. They love outdoor activities, we love outdoor activities. They are both scientists, we are both, yeah not even CLOSE! Haha! Enjoy this recap of their day!

Kate & Nick + Fishers Island Wedding

Kate and Nick threw THE most picturesque wedding on Fishers Island.  Everything from taking a ferry to the island, to the venue, down to the name cards was just spectacular. Wait till you see how their tent was decorated!  Truly stunning.  On top of all that, I'm so honored to have this wedding featured in Martha Stewart's Wedding Magazine this month! How cool is that?!  Anyway, without further ado enjoy this recap on their big day.